Amber Zimmerman is a fourth generation woman artist. Art is a way of life for her and her family. Amber enjoys working with a variety of mixed mediums to create symbolic art that celebrates the connection and sacredness to the cycles of nature. Amber earned her B.A. from The Evergreen State College in Environmental Art, in 2000. She has been active in the local arts community and has participated in several group and solo gallery shows throughout Washington State.  In addition to her studio work, Amber teaches art classes to local youth, adult step by step painting classes and mini retreats, and is an avid volunteer in her community. She lives an authentic life in a handmade house nestled in the forest of the Cascades, with her husband and two daughters.



Fused Glass

Leaded Glass

Sand carved glass

Mixed Media

Art Teacher

Artist Statement



Living close to nature has shaped the way I see the world and interpret my emotions. Symbolic art that represents nature and the feminine spirit are recurring themes in my work. Circular imagery nourishes my soul and reinforces the connectedness of all that is. Sacred art has woven itself into the life of my art aventure.


Arts for all

I have taught classes through the years and have really come to teach as much as I create. 

Artis and Icicle Arts- classes for all ages and mediums. After school and summer camps.

Chiwawa Valley 4H - Arts leader

Sip & Paint - teach painting classes (www.sipandpaint.org)

LEAAP Art - an arts appreciation and hands on learning art program in the local elementary school. I am currently the co-director.

Kart teacher - a program to teach foundational art skills at the kindergarten level through the Wenatchee Arts Consortium.

Private classes for individuals and groups.

Co-teach classes that incorporate art therapy with other healers. Art and Meditation. Dreamweaving. Art and Yoga. Art with plant medicine. Women's Circle art workshops.